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Presentation Title
The Evolution of Kaizen Lean to a Full Management System Presentation Summary Lean was born with the Toyota Production System and over the years has been used and adapted to may different companies, including Service companies
Beyond the evolution of Lean from Manufacturing to Service Compnies, Toyota has been extending Lean to all its business processes including Support Departments, where the flow units are not materials but information or even people (consider the case for the Customer Experience Flow)
In fact Lean evolved from the creation of material flow to the creation of information, people and project flows (where projects are a mix of material, information and people flows)
Also Lean evolved to Strategy, Sales and Innovation, pursuing not only Operational Excellence but also Sales & Innovation Excellence
In this spech we will present an holistic Kaizen Lean model that touches improvements in all Areas of Any Company and All Processes of Any Company
We call this the KBS: Kaizen Business System and we will use the Danaher Corporation Business Case as a Benchmark of a Management System fully based on the Principles and tools of Lean.

Whorkshop Title
The Auto Quality Matrix: a tool to achieve Zero Defects

Objectives of the Workshop: To present a method to implement Quality Improvement tools until Zero Defects are achieved
Participants will play the "Chicken Game" that will guide them through the Process using a Visual Autonomous Quality Matrix
Total Quality Management Tools will be integrated by the use of the Auto Quality Matrix
Tools like Quality Standards, Operator Self Control, Poka Yoka, Jidoka, and SPC: Statistical Process Control will be demonstrated in a logical sequence that shows when and how much of each tool is convenient.

9h30 - 10h00 Introduction and Presentation of Main Concepts
10h00 - 11h00 Preparation to Play the Chicken Game and Start of the Game
11h00 - 11h10 Break
11h10 - 12h30 Continuation of the Chicken Game
12h30 - 12h45 Wrap up and Conclusions

Participants: Managers and Technicians interested in Quality Improvement in Manufacturing, Service and Innovation Environments

Notes: A minimum of 10 participants are necessary in order to play the game