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Jannes Slomp - Presentation

jannes slomp

Keynote: Appreciating the Value of Goal-oriented Sequential Dependencies

Jannes Slomp will explain that the main task of the lean educator is to help learners to understand the value of goal-oriented sequential dependencies. Appreciating this type of dependencies is essential for those who want to contribute to the development of world class companies.


Workshop: Lean in high-variety/low-volume organizations

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) can be seen as a manufacturing strategy and tools for getting flow in high-variety/low-volume organizations. It is the ‘lean’ philosophy for companies that have to cope with a variety of customers and routings of products through the factory. Rajan Suri developed QRM and wrote the landmark book, Quick Response Manufacturing, in 1998. Since the publication of this book, many companies have proven the value of QRM with impressive results. In the course of years, many researchers and educators at various (applied) universities and many QRM practitioners further developed QRM tools and methods.

In this workshop, we will discuss the key principles and elements of QRM. We will explain and do exercises with some key QRM tools for the analysis of high-variety/low-volume order flows. Next, we will focus on the application of QRM in companies. Here, we will go deeper in the concepts of Quick Response Offices Cells (QROC) and POLCA manufacturing.

After the workshop:

- Participants will understand the key principles of Quick Response Manufacturing. Educators will be able to use it in their educational material. Managers will understand how use the principles in their own situation;

- Participants will be able to apply basic QRM tools for analysing a high-variety/low-volume situation. These methods are: Manufacturing Critical Time Mapping (MCT-mapping) and defining Focused Target Market Segments (FTMSs).

- Participants will understand the concepts of Quick Response Office Cells (QROCs) and POLCA. They will learn some methods for the design of QROCs and the design of a modular layout which enables the POLCA control system.


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